American Wooden Pallets (1016 x 1219)

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American Wooden Pallets (1016 X 1219)

Below are the data of pallets which are of American type. Such a wooden American pallet has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 1219 mm
  • Width: 1016 mm
  • Height: 138mm
  • Approximate load: 2000 kg

The pallet is reusable, and is in great demand among Western countries. Currently, in our warehouse you can buy the used US pallets. If you interested in other dimensions, please email us.

This is a standard North American pallet with a unique size. This type of pallet has been developed specifically for the transport of goods in ISO containers. The unused container space using this type of pallets is no more than 3.7% of the total area. For comparison, when using a standard euro pallet in these containers, the unused area will be 15.2%. Thus, when transporting goods, such American pallets allow you to place a larger volume of goods in a smaller area, which significantly reduces transportation costs.

When transporting within Europe, such pallets are usually not used on European trucks. In Europe and the CIS countries, cargo transportation in containers is not so common. So, that’s why American pallets are most often used as a cheap alternative to FIN-pallets. They make such pallets from cut lumber – especially from pine, poplar, aspen, alder. The scope of American pallets is food and light industry.

In our company, you can buy reliable, high-quality American wooden pallets at the best price in Riga. Also, if you have American pallets and you want to sell them, then our company will consider your proposals. For more information, please contact us any business day.