EPAL / Euro Pallet – C Grade (1200 X 800)

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EPAL / Euro Pallet – C Grade (1200 X 800)

Below are the dimensions of wooden euro pallets, which belong to the C grade (3rd class) and have already been used before. Wooden EUR pallet has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Height: 140mm
  • Approximate load: 1500 kg

The pallet is designed for reusable use,

This product facilitates transportation, transit as well as convenient storage of the product;

Euro pallets of the C grade (3rd class) allow you to organize cheap storage and loading of goods. According to the international Euro classification, pallets of the third class are distinguished by repeated use in the past, they have unopened cracks, dullness or chips. An important quality of pallets is normal strength and sufficient performance. Before each transportation, it is advisable to check the technical condition of the pallet.

Such pallets are more profitable for local trade, storage of products in warehouses, since their prices are much lower than for the first (A) and second (B) grades. The physical properties of the boards are tested before being sold. These wooden pallets are delivered to the customer with normal strength. The humidity of them must be up to 21%, without deformations and technical pollution.

Our pallets can be purchased from our warehouse, and we will also consider your offers to buy from you. Wooden pallets can be seen in the city of Riga. Also, there is an opportunity to buy them immediately on the spot. Please contact us for more details.